Hoody – When The Rain Stops (비가 그치면)

My head hurts, there’s a ringing in my headI’m putting away my phone that won’t even ringEven if I’m feeling down just like any other dayIf only the weather was niceI wouldn’t blame it on your empty spot That’s all I needAfter the rain stopsI’d stop thinking of youClose my eyes and lay down That’s […]

Hoody – When The Rain Stops (비가 그치면)

Solji – Waste of Emotions (감정 낭비)

The days were too hard though they were all the sameSeeing you, who has changedI was scared of not being able to see you againSo I was busy acting like I didn’t know There was no answer to the love I gave youI was always lonelySo I held your hand that I missed on that […]

Solji – Waste of Emotions (감정 낭비)


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